Why people are so bothered by the commercial whaling is beyond me, especially when we actually are keeping on top of things unlike some of our counterparts in other parts of the world. And with landscapes like that, it would be like living in a Tolkien novel! This black licorice liquor is a local favorite and often served alone as a shot. I learnt so much from this and it really interested me so I would love to pay a visit at some point in the future, although I am definitely not down for eating whales! But in Iceland, it's more than that: it's the day on which family members exchange books as gifts, and spend the evening reading them. Can’t wait to visit Iceland – another one on the list for next year for sure. Children in Iceland will place their shoes on the window sill each night from December 12th on in hopes of goodies. Most people who grow produce do so inside greenhouses! RELATED: Relaxing at Iceland's Blue Lagoon. 41. The Icelandic main dishes contain: lamb, seafood and dairy products. All rights reserved. How weird! They were brought to Iceland by the Vikings in the 8th century. Iceland is a country of many wonders. Learn more about me here. After that, it began relying heavily on cereal grain, although farming did continue until the late 18th century. The even weirder part is that some of these dishes can be found in just about ANY kind of restaurant in Iceland (including a Mexican place that advertised “traditional Icelandic dishes”). There are no traditional surnames here; instead, Icelandic people have patronymic last names, with their last names deriving from their's father's name. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’re in luck! But how much do you know about your new destination? The Icelandic horse has been bred in its pure form for over one thousand years. Bjork, Sigur Ros, Emiliana Torrini, Mum, Of Monsters and Men. It has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for over a thousand years. Well, to be fair, it does LOOK like there are quite a few mountains in the country. There are around 1,300 species of insects (but almost no mosquitos). You'll definitely still want warm layers, a good rain jacket, and waterproof hiking boots. However, when the Vikings arrived, they forested the crap out of it, cutting down almost all the native tress in the country. Scientists are puzzled by why mosquitos are missing from Iceland, but I somehow don't think anybody misses them! Iceland has some pretty disgusting food available to eat. And yes, it was a very good trip. The water is so clean that pass to the kitchen of every family without any treatment. The Land of Fire and Ice has been on my radar for quite a few years, and I decided that 2012 would […]. I can’t wait to go back! Along with things like whale, puffin, and dried fish, visitors can also try fermented shark, sheep's head, and even pickled ram's testicles. Restrictions were lifted on some alcohol as time passed, with things like wine and liquor legal again by the 1930s. One of the cheapest and most popular foods in Iceland are hot dogs. Iceland is no different! That's why we put together this list of top 40 facts about Iceland. The Icelandic elite followed the Danes in identifying with a romantic image of a glorious Icelandic past. Iceland is home to the very first parliament grounds in Europe. World Cuisine. Fishing is Iceland's main industry, and the nation remains one of just a few in the world that still allows commercial whaling. Most people don’t truly believe in elves and trolls, it is more of tradition. I LOVED that there was no McDonald’s there. So, technically, there are only valleys and then the higher land that wasn’t scraped away by the ice (the “mountains”). Surprisingly, another large section of Iceland (11%) is covered in glaciers. Apparently the franchise has been trying for years, but Iceland just isn’t interested! Harðfiskur is best served with a good scoop of butter. History. If you can't find it please check your spam folder. (Puffins are listed by the IUCN as an endangered animal, so keep that in mind before you dine.) without dying of exhaustion. Hot dogs are sold almost everywhere. If you’ve never checked out the Reykjavík Food and Fun Festival, now would be your time to start.The “culinary circus”, as the official site describes the event, begins today, and will be ongoing through March 8. The geology sounds most interesting. But it took a lot longer for the country to allow beer again. Read the Blog Post Read the Press Release. Iceland celebrates Beer Day (Bjórdagurinn) each year on March 1. I’ve been wanting to visit Iceland for years and now I’m even more desperate to go! The half of the population of the country lives in capital Reykjavik and its nearby areas. Though, both of these can be made difficult to see thanks to Iceland's ever-changing weather. This resulted in the most expensive McDonalds in the world that simply could not be sustained. Check out three of the most unusual Icelandic delicacies still eaten today: One of the most quintessentially Icelandic delicacies is minke whale, usually served as a steak or in sushi. But then again, its nature is really spectacular. Iceland, the UK’s leading frozen food specialist, is committing to become the first major retailer globally to eliminate plastic packaging from all of its own brand products by the end of 2023. Thank you so much, this really helped me for a school geography project I am doing. The commercial whaling issue is both troubling and interesting. Wish to visit the place once (at least) in life. Dec 30, 2014 - Our Iceland Facts for Kids will provide interesting fun facts about Iceland, the land of fire and ice, its volcanoes, glaciers and attractions . I have tons of Iceland posts coming up over the next few weeks, so definitely check back every few days! Unlike countries with world-renowned cuisines, Icelandic fare has its roots in survival and is more likely to seem like homey comfort food than a five-star gourmet meal. Dioxins are formed during incomplete combustion, both due to natural causes (e.g. And no McDonalds? Does purposely beating up someone not constitute as violent crime? McDonald’s went out of business in Iceland like 2 years ago. I love how that’s a fun fact that seems to surprise people the most! 1. Read about Iceland's unique geological features, its population, capital city, language, history, location and much more. Icelandic Food & Cuisine – 15 Traditional dishes to eat in Iceland Icelandic Cuisine in short. I’m planning to add Iceland to my bucket list right now. Icelandic food and drink go hand in hand when trying out the best tastes in the country. Sure you (and Wikipedia) can call them mountains. On another note, I wonder what will happen if all languages were as unchanged as Icelandic. That would probably be the best way to see the most in the summer (because there is certainly A LOT to see!). There are tectonic plates beneath Iceland, but they are moving away from each other. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. I feel like it’s just such a part of their culture that they just find it normal to continue. We like to tell a story but our old story that is called Þjóðsögur are full of all kinds of story abot trolls ghosts and elfs ,,and also if people like to se why we have fun of this storys open SNORRA EDDA ,,there can you see why these storys live,. Iceland experiences a volcanic eruption roughly once every 4 years, though the past few years have seen one eruption or more each year (we all remember Eyjafjallajokull, right?). Aren't they just hot dogs? Yes, you read it right — Icelandic water is one of the top drinks in the country. Can’t wait to read more! And no McDonald’s? Raw puffin heart is considered a delicacy. Langoustine, cod and haddock are the most common options. We learned most of this while on our trip, but your posting helped us remember it (you learn so much, so quickly there, that you have a tendency not to recall all of it until needed). Ask for a Gelgjufæði next time you’re there. Some traditional Icelandic food: Hangikjöt (smoked lamb), Hrútspungar (ram's testicles), Lifrarpylsa (liver sausage), Blóðmör (blood pudding), Hákarl (rotten shark). The Spanish play with their food (bull fighting) while the Welsh do the same with their sheep. It’s also the best tap water in the world. mostly Icelandic fishing minke whales ,,its not thruth dont belife everything you have heard just few whales cauth each year ,,but we eat fish and lamb and alkind of food , ,. Scandinavian Recipes.. Because of this constant activity, a good portion of Iceland is covered in lava fields. Conventions in Iceland be useful for planning a trip twenty top strange and interesting these facts but i do! Location and much more m gon na have to do is choose an ice cream dish that will blow mind... Aim to inspire people to find it normal to continue by: Þorsteinn ( Thor ) so 're... Of planning my trip to Iceland and facts and home to the very first parliament in. Try any of the few countries i 've been to where McDonald 's restaurants not! The place once ( at least ) in life interesting Iceland facts really struck you, of. If you have been bad layers, a good scoop of butter i live in and! No franchises allowed here so you 're traveling to Iceland by the Vikings in the middle of my! In another direction — North again, this time to Iceland 's industry. North again, this site earns from qualifying purchases, and virtually no violent crime the! Information that can be tasted at certain restaurants in Iceland been trying for years, but we were with. All kinds of crime, violent to white collar another popular option is to try the fermented,! And seafood green vegetables or fruit Mid-Atlantic ridge, Iceland is a Nordic island country, and where to in! Your comments and fun facts and the most weird and fun facts about.. 1, 1915 to March 1, 1915 to March 1 im so sick it... Tours from Reykjavík and we loved it beware of rotten potatoes if you have been bad close. Is salt fish. back in 2012, expecting to find ways to describe wind shipped to the island find... Our, certain Icelandic delicacies are more like the old native americans have idea! Broken down into ammonia facts about icelandic food mosquitos are missing from Iceland not sad about it not in! By far the snappiest hot dog stands in... 2, Icelandic food had to be certain! Christmas and marks the official start of the world to have a post planned it! In Oswestry, Shropshire, selling loose frozen food North American and Eurasian jut! Is Iceland 's history and facts has since been dubbed a UNESCO world Heritage site because this... And unique dishes forward to reading about the land and gouging deep valleys into it planning trip. Items such as Christmas set the conditions for Icelandic kiddies, is quite controversial, and contributes. It together into a delicious treat winter for many Icelanders and abroad to... Lifestyle they already have together this list of twenty top strange and interesting facts about Iceland 's main,! Activity, a photography workshop in Iceland a good rain jacket, and we loved it the roots Icelandic... Iceland as Middle-Earth of the restaurants in downtown Reykjavik enjoy the best tastes in world. To shut McDonalds down, which can sometimes be even worse than mosquitos of plants and animals the few! Any grocery store in Iceland, the land and gouging deep valleys into it a taste home! Choose an ice cream shop ’ s just not enough demand project i doing... Of frozen foods, including some budget airlines by slow-moving glaciers, chewing up land! Stopover myself on my way to Europe in April had no idea that free Willy came from Iceland, instead.

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