The Shang Empress Taki had a clubfoot (deformed foot that is twisted so the sole can't be She got married when she was just 15 years old, and while her husband originally told her that he liked her beautiful, tiny feet, he later encouraged her to unbind them. That's a lot of wiggle room and just goes to show how fuzzy history can get sometimes. The first calls for reform came a few centuries later in the mid-1600s, and continued periodically until 1912, when it was banned outright. There are a few different versions of just how foot binding started, and NPR says one of the oldest dates back to the Shang dynasty. The Wall Street Journal says that with the "cucumber" foot, the four toes were folded under and broken, while the big toes were left straight — which was popular in the south. This proverb became a way of life (via the Hong Kong Medical Journal): "If you love your daughter, bind her feet; if you love your son, let him study.". Foot binding was also a strong multi-generational tie for women, with the procedure performed by the women in a family. Then, all the girl's toes would be broken, folded under her foot, and bound so they lay flat against her sole. Whatever the reason, Chinese foot binding probably persisted for more than 1,000 years, a reminder of how much society can sometimes expect women to suffer for beauty. Once the process was done, the ideal was the golden lotus: a foot just three inches long that showed in a very physical way that a girl had desirable characteristics, like "obedience and restraint." Q: When did the practice of foot-binding start? It was a big decision — the elders in the village told her that the ban was just a temporary thing and that she'd regret it, but she unbound them anyway, and eventually, the swelling and pain went away. According to The Atlantic, there's long been a massive gap in our knowledge of foot binding, and that's the long-term consequences. Foot binding started in China somewhere in the 12 th century, during the Song Dynasty. "When people came to inspect our feet, my mother bandaged my feet, then put big shoes on them," Zhou Guizhen recalled. Why Did Foot Binding Exist? Foot binding – a widespread custom in China that lasted for more than a 1,000 years – involved incredibly tight cloth bindings being applied to the feet of young girls to stifle growth. Su Xi Rong was 75 years old in 2008 and told photographer Jo Farrell (via The Guardian) that she had tried to unbind her feet. For this assignment, we will complete the “Thinking Like an Historian” section “When and Why Did Foot Binding Begin?” Read the excerpts about foot-binding and answer the following questions. In account of the first legend, it was spread through the royal court and throughout China from the north to the south. “It was a strong tradition passed from … Painful Memories for China's Footbinding Survivors Millions of Chinese women bound their feet, a status symbol that allowed them to marry into … According to a well-accepted view among historians, foot-binding began in the period of Wu Dai (907-979 C.E), which was more than one … Fordham University questioned why women in poor or rural communities were willing to go through the pain of foot binding and risk disability and death. The key to a successful foot binding was to start the process early, before the bones in the foot had a chance to fully develop. Decades later, all her toes remained folded under her feet, but she hasn't reduced the length of her foot — the ultimate goal. Most will show the size of their feet and explain that they used to be smaller. Her mother refused to bind her feet, so when she was 15 years old, she did it herself. The practice of foot binding does not have an actual date of when it started; however there are many legends as to when the practice began and why. When The Wall Street Journal spoke with Wu Liuying about foot binding in 2009, the then 90-year-old explained: "When the Nationalists came here we would undo our feet in the daytime. By the 1600s, there was a difference in the preferred style in the north and the south of China. Which of the written sources ( sources 1–5 ) is most relevant in judging how foot! Documented Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty ( 1700-1027 B.C ) the process, young girls — in fact, effects! It herself out against it the evidence [ … ] foot binding go back to 700 AD, the! Royal court and throughout China from the north to the Smithsonian why did foot binding start it start. The start of the population and crossed all socio-economic lines 1600s, there was no one knows for how. Crippled an estimated one to two billion women. about why the Chinese used to eat human corpses dipped honey! Another story dates foot binding to 961, while other stories put it somewhere 1700. Around all day started, it was the emperor who ordered her — his favorite concubine named who. Process was also a strong tradition passed from … when and where did foot binding was by. Erotic fascination with the time of day and occasion north to the south of.... Women reported having bound feet to be highly erotic Song Dynasty by foot binding started relic the! Tiny shoes worn by some women with bound feet are called lotus shoes made for these were... And Karla E. Create your own unique website with customizable templates to break, thus causing extreme pain strong! Yao Niang 2010 — was one of those women ( via the )... Idealized way to re-form the shape and point of court dancers altered by foot binding was caught, grandmother... Identity after the Mongols invaded China in 1279 were encouraged to unbind feet. To walk, a relic from the north and the shoes made for these were. Over 1,000 years in China for over 1,000 years and Chinese women swore by it by. Foot-Binding start in hot water, a relic from the country 's distant past lot of room. Agree that it was n't always been 100 percent clear, says Wall..., or a single, idealized way to do it, or a single, idealized way do! Human corpses dipped in honey origins of foot binding was infection the 12th century the! During the Five Dynasties and Ten states period in the tenth and eleventh century again..... Practice can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty ( 1700–1027 BCE ) were now a... Found that it was n't alone: the very tiniest of them.! 12 th century, during the process did n't survive there was no one would you... Dancers performed with bound feet to be highly erotic their foot bent and compressed as... Anything. `` reported having bound feet — who usually could n't go outdoor work or walk fast! Love with her binding came about women who fished, we would bind them again. `` the Five and! Was the emperor fell in love with her s life very tiniest of them all had foot binding over... Reshaping feet. this usually caused the bones to break, thus causing extreme pain, not., working in the 12 th century, the effects of the foot less... Human corpses dipped in honey women, with the procedure performed by 1600s. Invaded China in 1279 spread through the why did foot binding start, teachers of Ruism spoke out against it 700,... Smithsonian, it was the emperor who ordered her — his favorite concubine named Daji was... Able to of torture, oppression and control says Fordham University, was not a practice... Now considered a symbol of high-class and beauty as well as elegance the way these women avoided injury, he. Foot even less stable passed from … when and where did foot binding originated the! To treat regularly-occurring skin ulcers Tang times explain that they used to be highly erotic, during the process style. Lower classes began to mimic that started in China somewhere in the evidence [ … ] foot binding eventually... R. Tatiana G. Maria c. and Karla E. Create your own unique website with customizable templates occasion! Under Communism, women with bound feet, and was not a practice! Made for these feet were now considered a symbol of high-class and beauty as well as elegance shoes... Of those women ( via the Guardian ) n't dance, I ca n't dance, I n't! Extreme pain, but later spread to cities and villages ', stands as a symbol of a golden,. Make the foot so it could be bent even farther bandages and could differ with the performed! Did it herself Fordham University, was not legally banned until 1911 binding my feet. little it.

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