Genuine Elchos were made by Enfield, Wilkinson, Kirschbaum (a knights head on the spine of the bayonet) and Gustav Felix (logo marked on ricasso). Lee-Enfield No4 Mk2* bayonet 167. Was: Previous Price C $18.50 20% off. Bayonet is possibly Confederate. Civil War Reproduction, re-enactor's Bayonet Bayonet only... no scabbord. Happoldt, but the majority of Confederate bayonet adapted M1841 rifles remain unidentified. A selection of bayonets from early Victorian bayonets up to modern times from a bayonet for a Martini-Henry SMLE ring socket bar over barrel or a. FS Militaria. There is a very good chance that this weapon was used by the Confederacy considering that it does not have US or British Military proofs. MARKINGS & DESIGNATIONS... German Manufacturing Codes of Occupied Countries during World War 2 These codes may be found on various wartime small arms manufactured in Nazi-occupied Europe during WW2. 12 bids. The most prominent fakes are those made by Alex Coppel, which bear the maker's mark of a balance scale and the initials "AC". GREAT CIVIL WAR ERA U S MODEL 1816 BAYONET FOR HALL'S MUSKET WITH U S MARKINGS. $185.00. CIVIL WAR US CONFEDERATE UNION BRITISH ENFIELD MUSKET BAYONET SCABBARD FROG. Ending Wednesday at 5:14PM PST 2d 14h. This reference is by no means exhaustive, but does cover many of the bayonets encountered on the collector’s market today, as well as some rare and unusual specimens. $395.00. $38.57. Socket bayonet for use with the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle-Musket. $350.00 Flat blade. Buy It Now +C $7.52 shipping. 577 caliber, single shot muzzleloading. From United States +C $10.07 shipping. Scabbard is the Mk II model with 2 rivets in the front face. The guide is a work in progress. Original Pattern 1907 ( 1908 Dated) Quillian Bayonet. Bayonet appears to be from a .69 caliber musket. Being a Confederate Enfield collector from Georgia I can tell you that I am GREEN with envy. (RET), see page page #14 for the Cartouche stamping "I.C." The most famous of these bayonet adaptations are those attributed to South Carolina gunsmith J.H. On Confederate Memorial Day remembers the soldiers who died fighting for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1861-1865). We've even had a couple with matching numbered ramrods. Swords; Bayonets; Knives; Daggers; Military Knives; Militaria; Badges/insignia; Misc. Markings. He was later killed at Marietta Georgia in 1864 while opposing some of … According to British socket bayonet authority Graham Priest, the “J•R” marking indicates that the bayonet was likely made in Liege, Belgium. It was with a Bridesburg mod. Read about the weapon of an Empire > Visit our online shop . Lock is marked “L.A.C.” and dated “1862”. Rare Confederate Enfield Bayonet w/ Blockade Numbers: Over the years, we have had a number of Confederate JS Anchor Marked Enfields muskets with blockade numbers. £595.00. In fact, the particular shorter 1853 Enfield bayonet shown … $14.90 shipping. Note brass insert at terminus of the handle. From United States. U.S.M1855 TRIANGULAR BAYONET & SCABBARD CIVIL WAR. $145.00. See disclaimer. View Cart. The lockplate is marked 1861 / TOWER with crown behind hammer. 2) "Bar-on-Band" Rifle saber bayonet. … The navy also used bayonets on their weapons, including a "Dahlgren" bayonet … IDED CONFEDERATE NAVY ENFIELD 1859 CUTLASS BAYONET, 1865This very rare British Enfield Naval cutlass bayonet was used by Confederate Navy Midshipman & Lieutenant Lawrence Rootes during the evocation of Richmond on April 3, 1865 to April 11, 1865 in Danville, Virginia. Gettysburg farmer Frederick Pfeffer was walking the battlefield tracking a cow that had pushed trough the fence at his farm not long after the battle of Gettysburg. ***** Springfield US Model 1861 rifle musket Catalogue number SPAR 1478 . The Pattern 1917 bayonet cannot be fixed to the Lee-Enfield rifle (because of the different muzzle ring heights), so to avoid confusion with the Pattern 1907 bayonet, two deep vertical grooves were cut into the wooden grips of the Pattern 1913 bayonet. CONFEDERATE BAYONET Manufacturer unknown - Socket bayonet that was attached to rifle-musket hit by lightening (SPAR-1330), now contorted into a U-shape. : ( ASP PRESENTS: Presentation of US Enfield Bayonets. Sometimes called the Model 1896, an original bayonet, very good condition, nicely marked. Grips are two brass grips riveted to a steel cross guard. Shopping Cart: Items: 0 | £0.00. The bayonet is designed for the 1853 3-band Enfield long rifle. C $11.42. Quote Reply Topic: BEST ENFIELD MARKINGS PAGE Posted: August 14 2011 at 4:17am: I have found what I believe are the "BEST" websites yet for helping Enfield "owners" decifer the "hard to identify" markings on their rifle(s). C $14.80. I wish I could tell you which specific gun this fits, but at this price I don’t think you will worry about it. Bayonets. The British Enfield rifle-musket played a significant role in the Civil War. 1861 musket. Pattern 1907 bayonet fitted to SMLE rifle. The markings consist of the soldiers name, "J H Crunk" followed by the date of "Oct 20th 1862".Crunk was a member of Company B, 18th Tenn. Time left 3d 23h left. He was at Big Round Top when he heard the leaves rustle on the ground nearby. £35.00. Virtually identical to the Brown Bess bayonet but shorter and with mortise cut out for use with a bottom mounted bayonet lug. Enfield bayonet, Binghamton Small Arms Marking, initials J S. Has the measurements of a .577, .58 cal. Barrel markings are the 25 * 25, indicating 577 caliber. 98W CIVIL WAR US UNION CS MUSKET RIFLE BAYONET CARRY FROG. of Inspector ISAAC CURTIS. This bayonet, and all other numbered saber bayonets like it, was supplied as a portion of the second Sinclair, Hamilton and Company contract for 30,000 long and 10,000 short Enfields. Nearly 300,000 of the .577-cal. Very fine condition, overall rust brown patina. Excellent replica of the originals with great attention to details. The following makers' codes are noted on some bayonet blades and scabbards, it is quite possible that they may also appear on firearms and related components. Go to our Video Channel. Explore a Weapon's History . My questions are; Would these have been used with springfield/contract muskets during … Bond Enfield Rifle Musket Confederate Inventory Number 8199 E.P. Enfield 1853 - Confederate / ACW indicators: Small Arms & Edged Weapons: 17: Aug 4, 2020: Difference between 1853 Enfield Manufacturers? Here is another Confederate used musket with wartime markings. Home » The Weapon » Martini Henry Markings on Metal. Official marks were stamped onto the Pattern 1907 bayonet's ricasso. confederate enfield markings. Enfield rifles could be fixed with a variation on the bayonet, a sword with a loop on the handle that slid into place on the rifle. $24.15 shipping. The bayonet identification guide features pictures and dimensions of bayonets from around the world; along with history and other information to aid in identification. Civil War Austrian Lorenz Musket Bayonet . £210.00 . 3.6” socket length, overall length 18.5”. The 115th Illinois Infantry mustered out of service on June 11, 1865, at Nashville, Tennessee, and discharged at Camp Butler on June 23, 1865. P1853. This example has no British government markings, indicating that it was likely imported to the USA during the American Civil War. DESCRIPTION . … 24 inch barrel and 40" overall. Offered here is an exceptionally rare and quite nice Confederate inventory control numbered Pattern 1858 (1856 no. Bond Enfield B Furnishers Mark At the outbreak of the War Between the States the Confederate Central Government contracted for the purchase of 30,000 Enfield Rifle Muskets to be delivered between October 1861 and April 1862. Lee-Enfield No4 Mk2* bayonet . The scabbard is VG (BCB-B165 & 167) Also European Bayonets of the American Civil War Pg. Arms - Bayonet for 3-Band Enfield Musket $49.95. A Pattern 1853 type II Enfield artillery carbine with numbered buttplate and "JS" and anchor inspection stamp. Condition is very good. Pre-Owned. These markings can be verified in the wonderful soft cover book THE CONFEDERATE ENFIELD by CAPT. The most common small-arms weaponry used in the Civil War was the Springfield rifle, and many of those were equipped with bayonets. The last picture shows it attached to a non functioning movie prop gun. He was captured at Ft. Donaldson, released and rejoined his regiment in Oct 1862. Springfield … $18.80 shipping. This is called … or Best Offer. CONFEDERATE ENFIELD ARTILLERY CARBINE . Scarce 1862 London Armoury Company Enfield Rifle Musket .577 Cal. Blade is 14.5” long. The prop-gun is obviously not part of the sal Be aware of which guns used bayonets in the war. A completely honest example with proper markings and rounded brass escutcheons retaining the lock screws. Become an ASP Patron on Patreon! A Civil War Confederate Enfield bayonet from the battle of Gettysburg. The Territorial Capital of Lecompton, between Topeka and Leavenworth, was a Southern stronghold prior to statehood and Leavenworth itself was Southern in outlook. rifles saw service with Confederate forces in virtually every major battle of the war. Hello, This came with a recent purchase. Lee-Enfield Dress No4 Mk2* bayonet N67. No markings that I can see. STEVEN W. KNOTT, U.S.N. J.R. Field Enfield Socket Bayonet E.P. {B.S.A.Co. British Lee-Enfield No7 Mk1/L knife bayonet, scabbard and frog M/78 Date 1954. Civil War Enfield S & K Bayonet Possibly Confederate. Lee in the summer of 1864, for example, Union medical directors recorded only 37 bayonet wounds. However, this is the first time we've been able to offer a numbered bayonet for one of these guns. Click to explore the history of a weapon upon which an Empire was built. No visible markings. Martini Metford and Enfield Carbine ... Martini Markings on Wood ; Bayonets ; Facebook; Shop; Video; Contact; Sign up to our updates . I suppose with some care and effort this could be rectified. SOLD. The standard Pattern 1876 bayonet was converted for use on the .303 calibre Martini Enfield rifle and as a result mounted below the rifle, instead of to the side as on the 577/450 Martini Henry rifle. These bayonets are often quoted as Confederate Slab side bayonet but are from a period after the end of the American Civil war. THEY, TOGETHER, have helped me on my Enfield Rifle 1 Mark III* (made in 1917 under the by Birmingham Small Arms, Co. T-slot lock with no ring. In the evening of April 2, 1865 Lieutenant Rootes was ordered by Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes to take several midshipmen & … Overall length is 20 1/2", the blade length is 17". no illustration : 19.8: Egypt: This is the large muzzle ring variation with a diameter of 22.5mm. Home; About Us; Contact Us; Delivery; Links; Fairs; categories. It is certainly possible that this bayonet is a secondary Confederate socket bayonet as the area around Fort Leavenworth was hotly contested from 1853 to 1865. Enfield (EFD Marked) s/n R.1676. with bayonet. There are no marks on this bayonet. Home > Bayonets. £35.00. £35.00. Scarce gun. Attached to the rifle the bayonet gave close quarters weapons an extra long reach. 44 sold. 00 Read more; Enfield Sword Bayonet $ 165. 11-12-2020. While many Confederate used "Mississippi" rifles were issued in their original configurations some thousands were adapted to mount bayonets, generally of the saber variety. 0 bids. Brand New . May need minor fitting. Two Swiss codes are noted.